Join in creating a prayer labyrinth

Join in creating a prayer labyrinth

We are creating a prayer labyrinth at Clowne church again this year and you can join in the fun of creating it.

square labyrinth design painted onto grass in Clowne churchyard

Last year we created this labyrinth in Clowne churchyard and, during Lent, many people came into the church grounds to walk the labyrinth. Our labyrinth had one path to the centre (unlike a maze you can’t get lost). People are invited to walk the path to the middle and use the experience as a chance to connect with God.

The labyrinth might represent the journey of life – full of twists, turns and surprises but always with a sure destination and with God close by. Or it might signify a more specific journey – a current experience, a loss, a challenge, a searching for something. The labyrinth is open to be used in many ways.

Help to create this year’s labyrinth

Join in the fun of creating a labyrinth and learning more about what they are and how they can be used.

Suitable for different levels of mobility. Refreshments afterwards.

Saturday 17th February, 2pm at Clowne church (S43 4AZ).

(Free event)


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