Who are the PCC?

Who are the PCC?

The PCC is the Parochial Church Council.

We are an elected team of parish representatives who work well together, with the Rector, to make decisions in areas of worship, community and mission.

We enable our Church to become a living and loving example of Jesus Christ in our community.

Barlborough PCC who’s who:

Church Wardens: Hazel Fletcher and Ian Morton

PCC Secretary: Octavia Quinn – email

PCC members: Thomas Morton, Sylvia Bradbury, Lois Nicholl, Pat Hall, Mark Wainman

Clowne PCC who’s who:

Church Wardens: Roger Street and Susan Lewis

PCC Secretary: Molly Charles – email

PCC members: David Braddow, Malcolm Mason, Julie Baugh, Michael Lewis, Hilary Wignell, Adam Morris

What is the PCC?

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the governing body of a parish church. It is:

  • A charity and as such must comply with all charity laws.
  • A legal body, recognised in law and governed by the Church Representation Rules
  • A team of clergy and lay members of a local church.

What is the purpose of the PCC?

  1. It exists to enable the church to play its part in God’s mission to his world.
  2. It exists to co-operate with the minister in sharing leadership.
  3. It exists to ensure legal compliance with charity law and ecclesiastical law, in particular in the areas of safeguarding, finance, employment and appointments.
  4. It exists to care for the buildings and churchyard so that they may be best suited for the purpose of the church’s ministry and mission.
  5. It exists to be a channel of consultation within the wider Church through its synodical structures on matters that affect the Church locally and nationally.

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