St James Organ Scholar

St James Organ Scholar

Organ Scholarship

In 2006, St James Church realised it’s ambition of creating an organ scholarship.  The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage in particular young people to take up the organ, with a view to producing a new generation of organists from within our midst, for the furtherance of church music and to the glory of God.

The Scholarship is awarded annually in September for a period of 12 months.  The recipient is granted approximately 36 free weekly organ lessons (excl school holidays) and free access to the organ at St James’ for practice.

Applications for the 2018/19 Organ Scholarship should be submitted via email to:

Applicants are expected to:

  • Attend St James’ Church on a regular basis
  • Have attained approximately Grade 4/5 standard on the pianoforte
  • Undertake a reasonable amount of regular practice as agreed with the organ tutor
  • Undertake to play on occasions during church services or concerts.
  • Organise a rota for the playing of organ music prior to each service by our budding organists.

The trustees of the Organ Scholarship are the Churchwardens and Choir Director.

Mr. R. (Bob) Girdler M.A., B.Mus., A.R.C.O. (CHM) kindly agreed to be the organ tutor from the commencement of the scholarship until further notice.

Between 2006 and 2009 the Organ Scholarship was generously funded by David Jackson as a fitting memorial to his late wife, and was known as The Joan Jackson Memorial Organ Scholarship.  

From 2010 to the present date the organ scholarship has been funded by the Church, and is known as the St James’ Organ Scholarship.

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